Dylan Lightfoot

dylan lightfoot

Birth date: 12 January 1995

Place of birth: Jeffrey’s Bay / South Africa

Place of residents: Jeffrey’s Bay/South Africa

Sponsors: Fox, Power Balance, Geraghty Surfboards, 4WFS

Favorite music: Dubstep, Eminem, Gold Fish, MGMT the more hardcore type that gets you amped!

Favorite food: Pasta and Sushi

Best surf spot: super tubes the best right-hander in the world!

Where do you surf the most each day: Mainly Supers, Point when I want to hang with my mates & then gnarly left further down the coast.

Best surfing comp: The fox surfer cross which is one day surfing and the next day riding motorbike, probably one of the funniest but most intense contest on the calendar and the xcel showdown where you surf perfect J Bay with only 3 other guys out which is amazing!

Pet hate: Being injured is the worst thing I can imagine, being out the water and watching these perfect lines come through at J Bay really gets to me.

Ambitions/Aspirations: To win the ISA world junior championship title and future aspirations is to win a world title on the asp world tour.

Hobbies: Surfing, MX bike riding, Mountain biking, gym, skateboarding & Windsurfing.

Clubs: Jeffrey’s bay Board riders Club

Most memorable moment: Winning SA Champs this year was an amazing feeling, as I got carried up the beach by the Eastern Province Team while they were cheering for me.

Top contest results:
• 1st SA champs 2010
• 1st Billabong Pro Junior New Zealand 2010
• 1st Volcom VQS Pro Durban
• 2nd Fox Surfer X 2010
• 2nd billabong Pro Junior Vic Bay 2010
• 2nd Billabong Pro Junior Durban 2010
• 13th ISA world junior championships
• 1st Billabong Pro Junior J Bay 2008
• 2nd Rip Curl Grom Search Mossel Bay 2008
• 2nd Billabong Pro Junior 2008
• 1st Billabong Pro Junior St Mikes 2007
• 1st Volcom Pro Port Alfred 2007
• 2nd Billabong Pro Junior j bay 2007

Where do I see myself in 10/20 years time: Competing on the ASP world championship tour, setting the record for surfing the largest wave ever ridden!