Eric Groenewoud

eric groenewoud


Eric Groenewoud is based in Cape Town South Africa with his own label Eric previously accumulated 10 years as a professional windsurfer before switching to kite-surfing in 1999, culminating in his participation in the 2003 mens open kiting final and in the 2006 Australian NSW national flatwater title.


Birth Date: 24-03-1968

Place of Birth: Leiden, Holland

Are you a family men: Yes

Sponsors: Catapult, 4WFS, Coreban

Favourite Food: Lisa’s Pasta

Best Kitesurf Spot: Kamers (Cape Town)

Where do you kitesurf the most each day: Dolphin Beach

Best Kitesurfing Comp: Lennox Kite Classic

Pet Hate: Traffic

Ambitions / Aspirations: Have fun in the 2nd half of my life and make my kids are having a great time as long as possible before the real ratrace begins for them. Keep on enjoying the water as long as possible.

Hobbies: Surf, Kite, SUP, Skate, Golf, Music

Clubs: SW, PW, 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-W5-W3-W1

Most memorable moment: Finishing the roof of Africa

Top Contest Result: 2nd Lennox Head Longboard Classic 2008 (40+) 2 nd Lennox head kite classic 2007, 8th overall PWA windsurfing world tour 1988, WP Enduro motoX champion and a whole bunch inbetween worth mentioning but not doing it.