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    Andrew Pollock

    Andrew Pollock

    Birth Date: 20/09/1986

    Place of Birth: East London South Africa

    Sponsors: Fluid Kayak, Level Six, Snapdragon, H2O Audio, Jeep Apparel, Tribe

    Places kayaking has taken you: USA, Canada, Zambia, Uganda, Austria, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia

    Favorite Kayak move: Aerial flip turn, Clean blunt

    Etienne Potgieter

    etienne potgieter

    Birth date: 6 April 1979

    Place of birth: The Big Smoke / South Africa

    Place of residents: Port Elizabeth/South Africa



    Dylan Lightfoot

    Dylan Lightfoot

    Birth date: 12 January 1995

    Place of birth: Jeffrey’s Bay / South Africa

    Place of residents: Jeffrey’s Bay/South Africa

    Sponsors: Fox, Power Balance, Geraghty Surfboards, 4WFS

    Favorite music: Dubstep, Eminem, Gold Fish, MGMT the more hardcore type that gets you amped!

    Favorite food: Pasta and Sushi

    Best surf spot: super tubes the best right-hander . . . → Read More: Dylan Lightfoot

    Clancy Mills

    Clancy Mills

    Birth date: 18/03/94

    Place of birth: Bega

    Place of residents: Merimbula

    Are you a family man: Yes – I’m 16 and live at home at home with Mum and Dad.

    Sponsors: Bushrat Surfboards

    Favorite music: Rage Against the Machine, Gerkin, Seargent Schooner and the Fizz, Grinspoon.

    Favorite food: Mum’s vego cooking

    Best surf spot: . . . → Read More: Clancy Mills

    Scott Channon

    Scott Channon

    Age: 24

    Live: Lennox Head

    Born: Lismore

    Sponsors: kutalines clothing, Darren symes shaper, catapult,O&M, 4wfs

    Quiver: 4 x 9,1 longboards a 8fter and 2 6fters

    Fav food: chicken snitzel and chicken parmigiana and mums cooking

    Fav surf spots: lennox beachies and the point, watiegoes, noosa

    Fav surfers: bonga perkins, mick fanning, steph father . . . → Read More: Scott Channon

    Sean Holmes

    Sean Holmes

    Born and based in South Africa

    Competitions: 3rd Quicksilver SA Goodwave 2008 9th Billabong Pro – Jbay 2002 1st – SA Open 2001 1st – SA Open 2000

    Jacob Mellish

    Born and based in South Africa, Cape Town

    Competitions 2nd U16 Billabong Junior Bay of Plenty – Durban

    Sean Gossmann

    Sean Gossmann

    Sean is based in Burleigh Australia. and has an impressive track record in his professional surfing career, which includes:

    • 2nd place: 2009, Quicksilver Pro Trials Australia • Top 16: 2008 Quicksilver Pro 6 Star Prime, RSA • 3rd Place: 2008 Mark Richards Pro 4star WQS, Australia • 2nd Place: 2008 Central Coast Pro . . . → Read More: Sean Gossmann

    Pete Peterson

    Pete Petersen


    Pete Petersen hails from Cape Town, South Africa. Pete has been kiting since 1999 and has the prestigious 2004 SA masters champ to his name as well as achieving 5th place in the 2005 KPWT World Cup event France, 7th place in the Wavemasters KPWT event in Brazil and with an invite to . . . → Read More: Pete Peterson

    Eric Groenewoud

    Eric Groenewoud


    Eric Groenewoud is based in Cape Town South Africa with his own label Eric previously accumulated 10 years as a professional windsurfer before switching to kite-surfing in 1999, culminating in his participation in the 2003 mens open kiting final and in the 2006 Australian NSW national flatwater title.


    Birth Date: 24-03-1968

    . . . → Read More: Eric Groenewoud