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Today’s sporting environment thrives on innovation, indeed a world where change is the only constant. In the cutting edge sports arena possessing the ability to make critical adjustments to your equipment often means the difference between success and failure.

It’s not without reason that today’s buzzwords of “fine-tuning” and “dialling in” carry so much importance. In an era that is breaking new ground at an exciting pace, the 4-Way-Fin-System [4WFS] is the most significant breakthrough in fin technology in years, taking it light years ahead of any other fin system available in the market today.

4WFS’s fully patented design allows fin adjustability to all angles of attack, including toe, splay, offset and lateral adjustment and of course the ability to replace fins as and when you need to.

Adjustability in fins allows you to make one board feel like a whole quiver of boards. Infinite adjustability in performance. You can make a short board feel and ride like a longer, more stable board in big hollow surf or make your board feel like a shorter more manoevrable one in smaller surf.

Need some scientific proof? In a mayor study undertaken by the Department of Engineering at Melbourne University in late 2009 it was conclusively shown that fine tuning toe angles improves both lift and responsiveness by as much as 20%! And that’s before the scientists even had a chance to test the effects of splay or lateral adjustment. Why be locked into a board that doesn’t offer these benefits?

Anyone regardless of ability can benefit from adjustability.
And it doesn’t stop there! Our system also includes impact absorbing design features where the i-disc has the worlds only patented-break away system, so damage to box or board is greatly reduced. See our “Why Choose” factsheet that outlines all the additional benefits available with 4WFS.