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    Retail Products

    set of 3 fins

    Set of 3 Fins
    The entire range of 4WFS fin templates is conveniently packaged for retail sale and includes our 4WFS allen key made from marine grade stainless steel.



    retail tubes

    Retail Tubes
    In the event that you lose a key or screw, 4WFS have provided a versatile replacement set, which includes our specially designed allen key, 6 grub screws and 6 pan head screws. All metal components are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel. No traveller should be without this handy replacement kit.


    travel repair kit

    Travel Repair Kit
    Our handy Travel repair Kit is a “must” for anyone travelling to remote destinations. With plenty of inside pockets and sleeves to keep your spares organized and protected. It contains 1x Standard Glass 4A-S set of fins, 1x Allan key, 1x 4 degree (yellow) Interdisc, 1x 0 degree (blue) Interdisc, 1x replacement box, 1x Placement sponge. You don’t want to be stuck without it!

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