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    Clancy Mills

    clancy mills

    Birth date: 18/03/94

    Place of birth: Bega

    Place of residents: Merimbula

    Are you a family man: Yes – I’m 16 and live at home at home with Mum and Dad.

    Sponsors: Bushrat Surfboards

    Favorite music: Rage Against the Machine, Gerkin, Seargent Schooner and the Fizz, Grinspoon.

    Favorite food: Mum’s vego cooking

    Best surf spot: Spot X

    Where do you surf the most each day: local beach break- Short Point

    Best surfing comp: Phil Macca Teenage Rampage

    Pet hate: Goat boats and SUPs (oar powered water craft)

    Ambitions/Aspirations: Get barrelled

    Hobbies: Surfing, skating

    Clubs: Ulladulla and Merimbula Boardriders

    Most memorable moment: Watching Byard go over the falls on our backup jet ski.

    Top contest results: 1st Place Sapphire Coast School Boys.

    Where do I see myself in 10/20 years time: Professional free surfer (Curren’s replacement). Still charging slabs with my brother on our ski.


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