UTG Nano Pod

UTG Nano Pod

UTG NANO POD Shop NOW! The 4WFS Under The Glass (UTG) NANO POD is installed before the board is laminated. This design allows installation time to be significantly reduced, only approx. 10 min is required for a full thruster set to be installed to lamination stage. New re-engineered features maximising strength and durability. Download . . . → Read More: UTG Nano Pod



OTG BOX Shop NOW! Extensive testing and continuing R&D has produced a box worthy of forming the 4WFS foundation and has been specifically designed to provide a stable and well balanced platform.

The box itself is manufactured from a high specification compound which together with a number of undersurface features allows it to withstand . . . → Read More: OTG Box


Zero Degree I-Disc

ZERO DEGREE i-DISC Shop NOW! The 0 degree i-disc (blue) creates 6 degrees of splay on the sidefins (existing 6 deg splay already inbuilt into the fin) and 0 degrees on the centre fins. The centre box should only ever contain a blue i-disc.

Furthermore each i-disc can rotate up to 5 degrees in . . . → Read More: i-Disc

Foil Selection

Standard Glass Composite

Standard Glass Composite Shop NOW!

Standard composite fins are manufactured using precision engineered and designed high grade moulds using a heat stabilised and lubricated special purpose nylon containing a very high glass content. This provides the ideal combination for a strong yet light fin with well balanced medium flex characteristics that is well . . . → Read More: Foil Selection

Andrew Pollock

Andrew Pollock

Birth Date: 20/09/1986

Place of Birth: East London South Africa

Sponsors: Fluid Kayak, Level Six, Snapdragon, H2O Audio, Jeep Apparel, Tribe

Places kayaking has taken you: USA, Canada, Zambia, Uganda, Austria, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia

Favorite Kayak move: Aerial flip turn, Clean blunt

Pete Peterson

Pete Petersen


Pete Petersen hails from Cape Town, South Africa. Pete has been kiting since 1999 and has the prestigious 2004 SA masters champ to his name as well as achieving 5th place in the 2005 KPWT World Cup event France, 7th place in the Wavemasters KPWT event in Brazil and with an invite to . . . → Read More: Pete Peterson

Eric Groenewoud

Eric Groenewoud


Eric Groenewoud is based in Cape Town South Africa with his own label www.catapultkiteboarding.com. Eric previously accumulated 10 years as a professional windsurfer before switching to kite-surfing in 1999, culminating in his participation in the 2003 mens open kiting final and in the 2006 Australian NSW national flatwater title.


Birth Date: 24-03-1968

. . . → Read More: Eric Groenewoud